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Lumex is a specialized manufacturer of custom and standard electrical wiring devices, Founded in 1997, Lumex offers nearly 18 years of proven performance in producing superior quality products.

Quality is the founding principal of Lumex' manufacturing philosophy. Lumex is certified ISO 9001: 2008, Most of the electrical wiring devices in Lumex are UL, ETL and RoHS approved. All our products are 100% quality guaranteed.

Lumex incorporates the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies. All Lumex's products have been designed and prototyped for sales using the most advanced testing techniques and methods.

In nearly 18 years, Lumex has invested the most modern manufacturing technology and equipments, and as a result, we have consistently provided large OEMs with the most cost effective alternatives globally.

Customer Satisfaction, Design Engineering, Quality, and On-Time Delivery are four key areas we are focusing on to insure high quality electrical wiring devices and total customer satisfaction. Our partner companies rely upon us to create superior quality, budget conscious solutions for complex challenges. At Lumex, we view solutions as the key to our continued growth and success.


Zhejiang Lumex was Founded


Suzhou Lumex was Founded


Lumex New York was Founded


Shanghai Lumex was Founded



Lumex incorporates the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies.

  • High Quality

  • On-Time Delivery

  • Customer

  • Design

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